Reveal Studies

From time to time we will make study materials available for your use.  Those materials will be available below, just click on the name of the document in RED

The notes offered for each of the Reveal Studies are designed to guide our experience with the Lord as we study His word.  They are not meant to be complete but to stimulate our thoughts and enhance the application of God's word in our lives.  It is our prayer that through your personal study of the Bible you will come to a greater understanding and experience of the love Jesus has for you.  You are invited to share in the Reveal Study discussions each Wednesday night at 6:30 and Sunday night at 6:00 here at the church.  We hope you will consider gaining even more through your study by joining with us as we share with one another  what the Lord has revealed through His word.  

We are currently in the book of First Peter.  Each week we will place the notes on this site.

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